Feedback control of a cassie bipedal robot: Walking, standing, and riding a segway


The Cassie bipedal robot designed by Agility Robotics is providing academics with a common platform for sharing and comparing algorithms for locomotion, perception, and navigation. This paper focuses on feedback control for standing and walking using the methods of virtual constraints and gait libraries. The designed controller was implemented six weeks after the robot arrived at the University of Michigan and allowed it to stand in place as well as walk over sidewalks, grass, snow, sand, and burning brush. The controller for standing also enables the robot to ride a Segway. Software supporting the work in this paper is available on GitHub.

2019 American Control Conference (ACC)
Ayonga Hereid
Ayonga Hereid
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

My research aims to develop computational and theoretical tools to mitigate the high dimensionality and nonlinearity present in robot control and motion planning problems.